Background Screening And Due Diligence

Identity Checks

  1. I.D Confirmation
  2. Passport Checks
  3. Address Verification
  4. Directorship Search
  5. Professional References
  6. Electrol Roll Search
  7. Right To Work Check

Employment History Checks

  1. Position Held
  2. Duration Of Employment
  3. Duties And Responsibilities Held
  4. Reason For Leaving
  5. Eligibility for re-employment and
  6. any other information

Educational Checks

  1. Verification Of The Highest Education
  2. Verification Of All Education Level i.e. High school Upwards
  3. Verification Of Professional Qualification
  4. Verification Of Professional Membership

Credit Checks

  1. Bankruptcy / Insolvency Checks
  2. Credit Score (Credit Bureau)
  3. Anti-Money Laundering Check

Criminal Record Check

  1. Basic Disclosure (Police Clearance Certificate)
  2. Standard Criminal Records
  3. Enhanced Criminal Check

Employee Audits and Monitoring


Once your employees are screened and certified, it is important to note that a clean record today does not mean it will remain clean forever. Employees could be involved in crime in or out of the office that could taint the image of the organization

Domestic Worker


We can help you hire the most suitable domestic worker by running background checks on them and obtaining detailed information like their address, reference contacts, criminal records, previous employers and the reason why they quit their previous job.

Driving License Check


You must physically carry a current and valid driving license to operate a motor vehicle. If your organization is looking to hire drivers, you should have the applicants verified.

Background Screening And Due Diligence

Referee Check


Referee check is conducted on at least two referees for a comparative and suitability assessment. It is used to provide insight on the candidate’s skills, knowledge and developmental areas. It is also used to confirm and verify information gathered from the CV.

Professional Membership Verification


This check will verify an individual’s membership directly with the professional organization, and will obtain details such as the type of membership held and the current membership status

Tenant Screening


Tenant check helps identify the best tenants. The tenants are screened for eviction, credit report, employment reports, payment history and length of residency.

Background Screening Services

Keep your business safe by carrying out various Background checks on your staff, employees and tenants.
We Provide the best and affordable services.

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